Product Development & Design


Hi. Welcome to my site!

As a multifaceted Product Designer & Developer, I have made a career out of merging design, tech and graphics; affording me the opportunity to manage many areas of product development.

Being a creative visionary — part entrepreneur, collaborator, design aficionado, technology junkie, problem solver, idea champion, and brand builder, I am constantly on the hunt for (or developing) the next big trend (safety mask hoodie). With inspiration and big ideas waiting to be discovered and always up for the challenge, I am driven to delivering the best creative product — where every last detail matters.

I'm  an experienced PD&D executive leading product development, global operations and sourcing teams in the consumer products industry, I have a keen acumen for strategy development and execution plans for driving business growth and P&L improvement.

With my experience in many of the areas of PD&D, plus my ability to grow or create sub brands from  known brands along with my ability to seamlessly work cross-functionally and improve P&L, I am driven to delivering results because every detail matters.